Jedi Knight Guardian

SWTOR Jedi Knight Guardian Leveling Build 2.0

This guys over at have send us a new build. This time it’s a leveling build for Jedi Knight Guardian. The Jedi Knight Guardian builds listed below, focus on talents and abilities with potential for burst and utility and/or talents that augment Focus generation. These talent builds perform best with both instant and channeled abilities. Here are the points used: 3/3 Insight 2/2 Momentum 2/2 Swelling Winds 2/2 Zephyrean Slash 1/1 Swift Slash 2/2 Pulse 2/2 Saber Strength 2/2 Intervention 1/1 Zealous Leap 2/2 Felling Blow 3/3 Singularity 1/1 Force Lash 1/1 Agility Training 1/1 Gravity Defiance 3/3 Focused Resonance 2/2 Shi-Cho Mastery 2/2 Through Peace 3/3 Heightened Power 1/1 Force Exhaustion 2/2 Master Focus 2/2 Victory Rush 3/3 Single Saber Mastery 2/2 Improved Sundering Strike 1/2 Perseverance Rotations: Single Target: Sundering Strike > Zealous Leap > Force Sweep > Force Exhaustion > Force Stasis > Dispatch > Blade Storm > Master Strike…

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