Jedi Knight Sentinel Leveling Build

SWTOR Jedi Knight Sentinel Leveling Build for Game update 2.0

Here is a new build from the guys. This is a leveling build for the Jedi Knight Sentinel advanced class in SWTOR.   The Jedi Knight Sentinel builds listed below, focus on talents and abilities with potential for burst and utility and/or talents that augment Focus generation. These talent builds perform best with both instant and channeled abilities. You can check out the full build here. 3/3 Focused Slash 2/2 Valour 3/3 Juyo Mastery 2/2 Merciless Zeal 2/2 Searing Saber 1/1 Overload Saber 2/2 Blurred Speed 1/1 Repelling Blows 2/2 Close Quarters 2/2 Watchguard 2/2 Focused Leap 3/3 Mind Sear 2/2 Force Fade 3/3 Plasma Blades 2/2 Weakening Wounds 2/2 Burning Focus 1/1 Inexhaustible Zeal 1/1 Merciless Slash 3/3 Insight 2/2 Swelling Winds 1/1 Swift Slash 3/3 Steadfast 1/2 Defensive Forms If you want a COMPLETE set of builds for 2.0 for ALL classes, video guides and an EXTENSIVE Leveling guide, check out

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