Kingpin Bounty Contract Guide

SWTOR Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract Guide

The SWTOR Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract is one of many daily bounty missions you can undertake. Working these bounties gives you achievements, which can ultimately net you some Cartel Coins. This bounty takes place on Tatooine in Jundland. Much like the other bounty missions you will be talking to a contact, releasing bounty probes to find your target and ultimately capturing or killing them. The target for this mission is Kreegan Ramar. To start out you will want to find Meerko. Depending on what side you play for will depend on where you can find them: Republic players can find Meerko in Anchorhead Market at Anchorhead Empire players can find Meerko in an area west of the cantina at Mos Ila Once you’ve found your contact you will need to speak to them to receive the next part. You will receive a mail from your Tatooine Bounty Target. Now it’s…

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