SWTOR Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract Guide

swtor Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract Guide

The SWTOR Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract is one of many daily bounty missions you can undertake. Working these bounties gives you achievements, which can ultimately net you some Cartel Coins. This bounty takes place on Tatooine in Jundland. Much like the other bounty missions you will be talking to a contact, releasing bounty probes to find your target and ultimately capturing or killing them. The target for this mission is Kreegan Ramar.

To start out you will want to find Meerko. Depending on what side you play for will depend on where you can find them:

Once you’ve found your contact you will need to speak to them to receive the next part. You will receive a mail from your Tatooine Bounty Target. Now it’s time to release the probes. You will want to release the probes to the west of Outpost Largona at Jundland.

Once you spot Kreegan Ramar, you have a pretty tough fight on your hands. Not only does he hit really hard with his normal attacks but he has a special buff ability that can be a large problem for those not paying attention. The one buff you will want to watch out for is going to be Missile Rounds. He will put an aoe target below the feet of one of the party members and do massive damage to that player if they’re not careful. The other mechanic to watch out for are the adds he spawns. He will spawn some pretty tough ranged Mandalorian Bandits that can become a problem if not dealt with quickly. This fight is really about proper timing, execution and team work.

Once you’ve captured or killed Kreegan, you will need to head back to Meerko on Tatooine and turn in your contract.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract?

The Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract is a mission where players must track down and either capture or kill a high-profile target named Kreegan Ramar. This contract takes place in the Jundland region of Tatooine.

How do I start the Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract?

  1. Accept the Mission: Head to the Cartel Bazaar on your faction’s fleet to pick up the bounty contract from the Bounty Contract Terminal.
  2. Travel to Tatooine: Once you have accepted the mission, travel to Tatooine and locate the event NPC, Meerko, who will provide further instructions.

Where do I deploy the Bounty Seeker Probes?

Deploy the Bounty Seeker Probes in designated areas within the Jundland region. The probes help gather intelligence on the target’s location. Check your map for highlighted areas where you can deploy these probes.

What steps do I need to follow to complete the mission?

  1. Talk to Meerko: Start the contract by speaking with Meerko on Tatooine.
  2. Deploy Probes: Use the Bounty Seeker Probes in the marked locations in Jundland to gather information about Kreegan Ramar.
  3. Track the Target: Follow the clues provided by the probes to pinpoint Kreegan Ramar’s location.
  4. Confront Kreegan Ramar: Once located, you can choose to capture or kill him. Each choice offers different rewards.
  5. Return to Meerko: After dealing with Kreegan Ramar, return to Meerko to complete the mission and claim your rewards.

What are the rewards for completing the Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract?

Completing the contract rewards you with Bounty Contract items, reputation points with the Bounty Brokers Association, and potentially rare loot. Capturing the target alive generally provides better rewards than killing them.

Are there any tips for successfully completing the Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract?

  1. Preparation: Ensure you have good gear and consumables before starting the mission.
  2. Team Up: Consider teaming up with other players to make the combat sections easier.
  3. Use Probes Efficiently: Pay close attention to the information provided by the Bounty Seeker Probes to track the target effectively.
  4. Choice of Capture or Kill: Decide beforehand whether you want to capture or kill Kreegan Ramar based on the type of rewards you prefer.

Can I repeat the Tatooine Kingpin Bounty Contract?

Yes, you can repeat the Kingpin Bounty Contracts during the Bounty Contract Week event. Completing multiple contracts will help you gain more reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association and earn more rewards.

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