Looking Back at HK-47 before the Big SWTOR Reveal

The arrival of HK-47 has been hinted at since PAX 2010, when a SWTOR teaser video had a HK-series droid saying “Interjection: Silence Meatbags” and he’s since appeared in the Foundry Flashpoint. The new 1.3 patch notes have also confirmed that a new companion for all classes is arriving, an HK-51 droid, based on 47’s model. With the forthcoming return of the HK-series droids to Star Wars: The Old Republic, we thought it was time for a look back to the origin of the product line. (More spoilers than a modded car show, watch out.)   If you’re a big fan of HK-47, you’re going to be happy to hear the news that a new droid companion is coming to SWTOR. He’s such a fun droid who has real issues with “meatbags” and PCGamesN has decided to take this time to look back on the HK-series of droids and their history….

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