legacy update

Celebrate Game Update 1.2: Legacy with a Cute Pet

It’s here, it’s here! Game Update 1.2 officially launched today and while everyone is eagerly logging on to check it all out, BioWare had some fun and interesting updates for us. It’s seems they are not going to let 1.2 launch as if it was any ordinary patch. Instead, they have some thank you gifts for those of us who have been around the game until now. One is a very adorable pet! This from SWTOR News: Game Update 1.2: Legacy is finally here, bringing a wide range of new game features and playable content to Star Wars™: The Old Republic™! With Legacy, you can now create your very own Legacy family tree, sharing the skills mastered by one character with everyone in your family tree. You will also be able to experience new adventures, including the new Operation, Explosive Conflict, the Novare Coast PvP Warzone, and much, much more!…

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