light saber crystals

SWTOR Guide to Lightsaber Crystals

Star Wars: The Old Republic has many interesting features like the rare crystals that make your lightsaber different colors. These are fun to collect and some of them can be a real challenge. Here’s a guide to some of the color crystals in the game. Remember that these can change at any time. We will try to update the guide accordingly. Remember to check out this post on Light saber hilts. Common Crystals You can find the blue, green, red and yellow crystals in Artifice. These are the most common gems so they are the easiest to locate. You can also find them in the vendor sabers gear. The orange color gems are “high level artifice” that can be reached at level 400. In Alderaan, the orange crystals drop from Ulgo Siegebreaker, Corusant Worldboss and Nar Shadda Worldboss. Black Core Colors There are four black core colors in the game. You can…

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