lvl 55 Abilities Datamined

1.7 Class Changes + lvl 55 Abilities Datamined

A SWTOR gamer posted to the official forums with some info that was supposedly datamined for the upcoming 1.7 patch. The user (named Kamii) had some information from the latest PTS client update but the thread was promptly removed. All credit for datamined info goes to Kamii. *Disclosure: All Datamined info should be taken with a grain of salt. There is no way for us to verify any of this as true, nor is there any way to prove that Bioware will still leave these features in the game if the info was valid. It’s meant for fun and speculation only.* Now, off to the info: Sentinels – Combat Spec “hand of justice” -> next dipatch can be used on any target also on combat tree – time_dilation (no description) New proc – increases melee and ranged defenses by 1% per charge up to 3 charges, lasts 10 secs, procs…

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