Further Clarification on the Use of Macros in SWTOR

Do you use macros for SWTOR? Do you want to use them? Do you have questions about whether or not you can use macros and still follow the TOS for the game? Well you are not alone as others have been asking the same questions and we now have some clarification. Phillip_BW (Phillip Holmes, SWTOR Head of Security) came on to the forums to clear up some questions about macros, specifically certain types of macros. So here is what he had to say: So a number of people have asked about text macros. A couple of others (even on reddit!) have mentioned ‘colour detection to determine which action to take’ systems. I even saw a questions about sequence clicking… I even saw claims that we can’t detect anything and won’t do a thing about this issue. I’ll address all four… Text Macros Strictly speaking, text macro’s are against the ToS….

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