Maelstrom Prison

Flashpoint Guide: Maelstrom Prison

Maelstrom Prison is a Flashpoint for Republic only and it’s a continuation of Taral V but expect the battles to be harder than the ones you fought in that one. This Flashpoint is the equivalent to the Imperial Flashpoint The Foundry. Maelstrom is an enormous green cloud, which is made of raw energy and charged space dust that interferes with navigation computers and coordinates. This was a very important place during the Great Galactic War because this is where the Sith Empire hid a space station where Revan was held prisoner. To be a part of this Flashpoint, you don’t need to complete the quest Jedi Prisoner but you do need to be on it. You’ll encounter 3 bosses, a couple of mini-bosses and you’ll have the opportunity to fight a bonus boss. First Boss: X-37 Oppressor Droid The first boss you come across is the X-37 Oppressor Droid. He’s…

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