Mandalorian Raiders

Flashpoint Guide: Mandalorian Raiders

Allusis, the Republic warship was stolen by a rogue faction of Mandalorian Raiders under the Clan Varad banner. They are attacking and inflicting mayhem on the defenseless Outer Rim worlds. Strike teams have been assembled and sent out to seize control of the Allusis and end these brutal and senseless attacks. It’s recommended that each member of your team, whether Empire or Republic, be at least a level 25 before undertaking this mission. After choosing your team, prepare to face off with 3 bosses and gain control of that warship. Upon Arrival When you first arrive on board the Allusis, you’ll be greeted by a challenge from Mavrix Varad. He will make this announcement using the ships loudspeaker system. “This is the chieftain of Clan Varad. Whoever you are, you’ve challenged the wrong ship.” For now, just ignore him and move on to the first room of the ship. You’ll…

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