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SWTOR Class missions will not be removed or altered with KoTFE

  Eric Musco just clarified that you don’t have to worry about class missions from level 1-50 They won’t change with Knights of the fallen empire Class missions removed/altered? | 09.03.2015, 03:10 PM Quote: Originally Posted by Sigiles First off, forgive me if this is a stupid question. Will the class stories, planetary storylines and side missions be removed or altered for the KotFE expansion? I was under the assumption that it will all remain the same until you hit 60 and start the KotFE content, in which you will be “moved” to another instance, sort of.. Say I start a Trooper after the launch of KotFE.. Will that Trooper go through the Trooper storyline that has always been there since launch? Again, forgive me if this is a stupid question.. But I heard something that worried me… Hey Sigiles, If you start a brand new level 1 character, you…

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