New gear for Operation and Warzone

Gear Info for New Operation and Warzone

Allison Berryman, the Senior Community Coordinator for SWTOR had a great answer on the forums about future gear for the new PvP Warzone as well. In answer to the post from Ashania which asks: It said somewhere that with the new Operation will come a new tier of gear, so the next leg-up after Campaign. What are the chances that a new tier of PvP gear will be released along with the new Warzone and new PvE tier? Berryman tells us: I talked to David Hunt (Systems Designer), and he shed some light upcoming gear. He said that (for PvE), Terror from Beyond’s Hard Mode will include a new set of gear that is a sub-tier of the larger tier that started with Campaign gear. It will also have non-slot restricted armornings. Nightmare Explosive Conflict will speed up the acquisition of the new set and provides new challenges for Operation…

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