novare coast

TOR TV: Marauder 2.5 Mill. Damage – Novare Coast

This is a scoreboard wet dream in general — deathmatch at the south bunker literally from start to finish. 2 others besides OP cracked 2 million damage, 3 healers hit 3 million. Multipul healers keeping everyone alive, and neither side capping 2 turrets for about 15 min. Wish I was part of this game. Skyrush – Marauder 2.5 Mill. Damage Race – Novare Coast: SWTOR – PvP (Rage) 2.3. Ft, Rázè Bleezár and Evilsmiter. 30 min Long Warzone where for first time I activated my hidden Tunnelvison view i haven’t used for 4 years *cough* as the video says u do not need to watch this if hate something like this, I also increased the speed of the video to not have this too long and to say it right away its only my personal record and also holds to top 5 Dmg In ToFN in PvP, I think there…

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Novare Coast PvP Footage from Test Server (in German)

Here’s a great video with some coverage from Novare Coast PvP. Unless you speak German, you won’t be able to understand what is being said but it’s a fantastic video, regardless. 12 minutes long, it gives a lot of insight into gameplay and the new Warzone. Novare Coast New Medals and More Now if you’re looking for more information about the new medals (my guild was), here is a picture that gives you a lot of information. My guild is all about PvP so I am happy to see this and can’t wait for Patch 1.2. Are you ready for 1.2 and Novare Coast?

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