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Vader Immortal Arrives on Oculus Rift

Vader Immortal

Vader Immortal arrives on Oculus Rift, bringing the VR experience to yet another platform, while lightsabers come to Oculus Home. Here, you get to step inside the shoes of a smuggler and also navigate Darth Vader’s fortress. You get your very own droid companion and there are many story-driven elements for you to explore. Here’s a full gameplay video from Star Wars Theory: He’s given us over 44 minutes of gameplay footage in this video. And he has this to say: “This was unimaginable. The gameplay was cool, but the STORY WAS WHAT MADE IT LEGIT. This raises so many theories it’s unbelievable. Who was Vader speaking to? Snoke?” If you like it, please support his channel. More info on how you can support in the description of the video. I do not have Oculus Rift so I was really excited that he did this video for us. Oculus has…

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