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The Combat Team wants your opinion on set bonuses in SWTOR

The  combat team over at BioWare want’s for your opinion and feedback on current and previous set bonuses in Star Wars: The old Republic. You can let the game developers know by replying to the official thread over at the official forums. We would also love to hear you opinion in the comment section below. Check out the official announcement: The intent of these set bonuses is not not increase HPS/DSP/survivability by more than 5%. Note from the Combat team on this… Quote: Originally Posted by Zoom_VI Is there are particular reason why you guys are looking to change them? With Knights of the Fallen Empire being just around the corner, we just wanted to give you all a chance to let us know if there are any particular set bonuses that you dislike and give you an opportunity to suggest your ideas for improvement. We are not looking to…

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PvP Gear Prices Cheatsheet for 1.2

1.2 is on the way and with it, we get some new PvP gear. I for one am super excited about this. My guild is all about PvP and I PvP on all of my characters, my main a Jedi Sage who enjoys PvP healing. So anyway, we’re all pumped up about ranked warzones but also about the new gear- ranked and unranked. That’s when I came across this really awesome cheat sheet for unrated gear PvP prices in 1.2. Check it out and once the servers come back up after the game update, we can all see for ourselves. What do you think about PvP in 1.2?

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