quick travel ship

Free Quick Travel to Your Ship Every Hour, Until They Patch It

Whenever there is a game update, there is the chance that things will go wrong. Sometimes those little bugs work in our favor, even if only for a little while until they get patched. This happened with the most recent update nad you can now get a free quick travel to your ship every hour until it is patched. As Online Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez says in the forums: Hi everyone, With Game Update 1.7, we introduced the new Legacy Character Perk, Priority Transport: Personal Starship. This allows players to quickly shuttle to their personal starships. This ability normally has a 24 hr cooldown, and players have the option to purchase Legacy Global Unlocks to reduce this cooldown. Unfortunately, with Game Update 1.7, there is a bug which automatically unlocks the three levels of Legacy Global Unlocks for any players that is level 20 or above. This is not intended…

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