Advice To Those Thinking Of Raid Leading in SWTOR [Video]

I had my fair share of raid leading in World of Warcraft so by the time SWTOR came out, I was looking for an alternative MMORPG and of course, I loved the Star Wars theme but I wasn’t really looking to raid lead anymore. I know many of my friends were, even friends who had led raids in hardcore guilds in WoW but for me, I wanted a game where I could sit back and relax, soak in the new story and content, and not feel rushed for progression. There’s nothing wrong with raiding or leading, or progression. I was just at a point in my gaming life where I wanted something different. That said, there were and still are, people who love raid leading in SWTOR. If you’re thinking about becoming one of those people, mirta000 has some advice for you. It’s all compiled here in this video of about 11…

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