Referral Links

Update on Referral Links

Referral Link spamming have been quite an issue the last few month. People were disguising referral links to get Cartel coins.  I have seen people posting their referral link but make it appear like it was a link to something else, like a SWTOR guide or whatever. People would click on the link thinking they were going somewhere other than becoming that person’s referral.  Pretty annoying stuff, but with today’s server maintenance, they made some changes. Now, when you click on someone’s referral link, it will prompt you with a confirmation dialog before accepting the referral. This was implemented to help stop any potential “griefing” that could occur from folks spamming their referral links. Below is the official announcement from Eric Musco EricMusco Update on Referral Links on the Forums | 02.25.2014, 10:06 AM Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that as a part of today’s maintenance, we made…

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