Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering with 20% Chance of Success

Here we have an interesting chart that attempts to explain the 20% chance of success from reverse engineering, something that many players seem to have a hard time understanding. The chance of success is per each RE. It technically does not change or grow with how many times you attempt. Some people think that a 20% chance of success means that by the time they do 5 REs, they should have a success. That’s not exactly how it works. What it actually means is that there is a 33% chance you’d get 5 consecutive failures and aa 21% chance you’d get 7 consecutive failures. Your chances for success do not increase with each time you RE, which most players agree is bogus. It even makes logical sense that you were learn from your mistakes and your chances would increase. But nope… RNG is either on your side, or you better start…

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SWTOR Reverse Engineering Can Cost a Lot

Reverse engineering is based on luck because of the random number generators (RNG) in the game. If you run across some bad luck, you could end up spending a great deal of money on your reverse engineering. If you have yet to experience it yourself, you need to read the story of this guy who wasted 20 million credits with a combination of poor Reverse Engineering luck and his own greed. He’s written about the tale in a “what not to do” blog post so you  don’t have to suffer his same embarrassing fate. How I Underestimated SWTOR’S Reverse Engineering RNG from Mad Sith Assassin tells us: When rank 27 gear released with Terror From Beyond, I wanted to continue the success I had before. This is around the time two fateful events occurred.   First, it became public knowledge that taking a crafted mod a player had made and…

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Inserting, Removing, and REing Crafted Mods for Schems is “Unintended” but Not an Exploit

Reverse engineering mods is expensive, especially when you are trying to build up a nice stock of schematics to place on the GTN. When you’re a new player trying to gear up, this can be a real hassle. But there has been a new “trick” found that makes it a little bit easier by bypassing this altogether. The real question is: Is this an exploit? A forum user explains: SomeJagoff As is already known, when you try to RE other people’s crafted mods, it says no research available, however, as I pulled out a mod that I know I bought off the gtn a few months ago to replace with a better one, I noticed that it said 20% chance to research a schem available. Out of curiosity, I threw the new mod that I just bought off the GTN into my armor, then pulled it out, same thing, research…

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