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Community Cantina: San Francisco

Marshall Carr from TorWars attended the Community Cantina meetup in San Francisco (super cool!) and was kind enough to share the events and news with all of us. You can get the full story, along with pictures, at his blog post on TorWars but here are some highlights: It was his first Community Cantina but not his first meet and greet with BioWare There were some rockin’ costumes and prizes handed out Everyone looks like they had awesome fun without us! *sadface* The developers in attendance were the newly promoted Community Manger Eric Musco, Senior Producer Blaine Christine, and Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert. They received Tauntaun Fawn and Kowakian Monkey Lizard pets And the most important part to those of us at home- the Q&A event If you head over to Marshall’s blog and full write-up, you can see all the questions and answers that were discussed at this…

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