Section X dailies

Section X Crisis Mission and Daily Missions

Game Update 1.5 brings us a new area on Belsavis , Section X, along with daily repeatable missions for both sides- Imperial and Republic, as well as two new Heroics. You will get more rewards from these new missions than previous daily areas and they are well worth the time. You will also gain more Daily Commendations and more Credits from completing them all than previous dailies. So now that you know it benefits you to join the fight in Section X, let’s explore how to do these dailies. Here is a complete walkthrough for the Imperial Section X Dailies [DAILY] HyperBiology [DAILY] March of the Dread Guard [DAILY] Data Raid [DAILY] Targeted Misfire [HEROIC] The Aurora Canon [AREA] Lost Reconnaissance [Weekly] Section X Crisis First, the weekly is easy to understand because it works the same way as the weeklies in any of the other zones. You need to complete…

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