“Should I Play SWTOR?”

“Should I Play SWTOR?” A Review after Ten Months

We’re not quite at the 1-year anniversary of SWTOR and there have been some major changes and additions to the game. While some will say SWTOR struggled after launch, others will say it’s actually a good thing to see a game grow so much in the first year. It shows the staff is willing to do what it takes to make a game the players enjoy. BioWare has asked for a lot of feedback from the players along the way and that feedback has gone into making the game what we see today. One major development that has come from these changes is the new free to play model. Personally, if someone asked me if they should play a game and it’s free to play, I would always recommend just trying it to see for yourself. You won’t risk anything- just invest a little of your time. But not everyone…

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