sniper build

SWTOR Imperial Agent Sniper Leveling Build For 2.1

Here we are again with a build from and this time they have bought us an Imperial Agent Sniper build for leveling. The Imperial Agent Sniper is basically a pure DPS spec class and cunning will be your main stat that you should aim for on all your gear.  However if you have just started the game and you are looking for a strong leveling build for the Sniper this should help you out! Also you will get the point allocation and the rotations that you need: Build 3/3 Marksmanship 2/2 Ballistic Dampers 2/2 Steady Shots 2/2 Precision Ambush 1/1 Heavy Shot 2/2 Zeroing Shots 2/2 Snapshot 1/1 Diversion 1/1 Snipers Nest 1/1 Sector Ranger 1/1 Rapid Fire 2/2 Between The Eyes 1/1 Followthrough 2/2 Recoil Control 2/2 Seek Cover 2/2 Pillbox Sniper 3/3 Imperial Assassin 2/2 Siege Bunker 1/1 Muzzle Fluting 1/1 Headshot 1/1 Portable Bunker 1/1 Sniper Volley 3/3 Gearhead…

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