New SWTOR Event and New Alien Species on PTS

Will we soon be seeing a new alien species in SWTOR? Data-mined info says it’s possible, although little more is known at this time. Here are some images of a potential new race (playable?) that we might see coming with a future content update that is also supposed to bring a new SWTOR event. swtor_miner explains some of what the data shows about the model, “”These new aliens fall into the Bothan semi-custom model category, and not the full-custom model Wookiee one. This means they share animations with regular humanoid species.” I agree that I don’t think this will be a playable race based on what the datamining found. Probably they will be NPC models but perhaps this shows us what the new event or some of the new content will be about. Of course, this early in the process, the whole thing could be scrapped. We can never depend…

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