Solo Movie Advance Ticket Sales Higher than Black Panther

The Black Panther movie broke records right and left as the most popular superhero movie ever. Now Solo: A Star Wars Story is threatening to break some records of its own. It looks like the chances of this stand-alone adventure story being a success are good. This movie covers the story of Han Solo and we meet Chewie and see how he becomes a co-pilot and more. It’s an origins story, hopefully, done right. Tickets for Solo: A Star Wars Story went on sale Thursday night and the first 24 hours of presales have already doubled Marvel’s megahit Black Panther, according to Fandango. It does not beat Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War, which remains the fastest-selling film of the year in these early metrics. This is likely good news for Disney, since the Solo movie has had a bit of a troubled production. They had to deal with replacement directors, extensive reshoots, and some poor public perception. It seems that’s all water…

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