Star Wars: Battelfront 2

Star Wars: Battlefront – May the Fourth Special Event

Star Wars Battlefront - May the Fourth Special Event

DICE is having an in-game event in Battlefront™ II to celebrate Star Wars Day! The prize of this event is the iconic A New Hope appearance for Leia Organa: Princess! Here’s how you can unlock this appearance. Objective: Capture the command posts! Collectively, 4 million command posts need to be captured in Capital Supremacy. If you capture more than one command post, you still count each time. Duration: 1st May-6th May In the spirit of good sportsmanship, it’s only fair to give you all more than one day to achieve this prize! The event will run for about a week, starting from the stroke of midnight in Sweden on the 1st and lasting until 11:59 PM CET on the 6th. How to claim the prize: Log in before the 7th! Simple enough, right? Once the total has been reached, simply jump into Battlefront II and you’ll be awarded a prize crate with the appearance in…

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Star Wars: Battelfront 2 — Infiltrator Reinforcements

Community Transmission — Infiltrator Reinforcements

Dice just posted a new Community Transmission about two brand-new reinforcements coming with the new game mode. On the Republic side you’ll now be able to play as an Advanced Recon Commando, better known as an ARC Trooper, and on the Separatist side, you’ll be able to play as a BX-series Droid Commando. Both units will be part of the new Infiltrator Reinforcement class and will also have their own new Star Cards for their abilities! Check it out: Infiltrator Reinforcements: ARC Trooper ARC Trooper dodge roll, WIP The ARC Trooper is a gung-ho attacker that rushes into battle wielding his trusty DC-17 pistols. Yes, you read that correctly: pistols. This unit can dual wield pistols and fire them independently, effectively doubling his rate of fire. With short-ranged blasters, this trooper needs something more versatile for more distant foes. To extend his reach, the ARC trooper’s Power Blast ability overcharges his primary pistol to fire a…

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