Star Wars: Episode VIII

Captain Phasma Will Return to the New Star Wars Trilogy

Gwendoline Christie says Captain Phasma is not gone for good when she confirms the character she plays in The Force Awakens will be returning. Christie confirmed on the 2016 SAG Awards red carpet that her character will be returning. In a way, it’s not a huge surprise since it seems odd to think Disney would play up that character so much just to off her in the first film. No, I think we all suspected there would be more of Captain Phasma to come. Still, having it officially confirmed is fun. “I will be in the next Star Wars movie. I think that’s an exclusive, actually,” the actress told People Magazine. From the earliest marketing days for the newest film, Captain Phasma was a hit. The character resonated with so many people. She was intimidating. She was fierce. She was interesting. So many fans were disappointed there wasn’t more of her seen in the…

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