Stat Tracking

Tips for Stat Tracking in SWTOR

While we know that gaming is supposed to be all about having fun and accomplishing objectives, the reality is that in games like SWTOR, you are going to need to do a bit of legwork in regards to stat tracking. Whether you are tracking loot, affection, or gear, you are going to need to track stats. This is doubly important for raiders.  Here are a few stat tracking tricks and tips. Excel Offers More Functionality Over Notepad The two most popular forms of stat tracking are notepad and excel. Notepad is great for those of you that are not in guilds or those that don’t want to the headache of managing raids. However, for the rest of you, Excel offers much more functionality for stat tracking as you can format your sheets and workbooks for your entire guild in an easy-to-read and manage format. Set Rules for Raids If you want to avoid drama that naturally ensues in…

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