TOR TV: Fett’s Vette (Original) featuring Mc Chris

Hello Star Wars Galaxies fans. When it comes to great Star Wars games, you cannot get past how awesome SWG was. As excited as we were to see SWTOR nearing launch, it came with the bittersweet news that SWG was going to close up shop. Thanks to the fans who love it enough to want to keep it alive, the game is not only still alive, but experiencing a new height of popularity with certain crowds. This makes us really happy! So with that, we want to bring you a little oldie but goodie from the YouTube vault. If you somehow missed this from the earlier SWG days, check out Fett’s Vette. This is a classic! What does a bounty hunter like Boba Fett need to keep taking those jobs for? Well, to finance his vette, of course! Here it is! Star Wars Galaxies is still available on Amazon, if…

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SWGEMU: Vendors Disappearing and Basilisk Rollback

Something bad happened over with SWGEMU today recently. They were quick to update to the forums and Facebook to let members know what was going on. No excuses, no twisting of the facts but just a simply notification of what was happening and how they intended to fix it. As many members of the community have said, a roll back is better than vendor loss. They worked hard and quickly to try to correct the issue. Here’s the update in case you missed it. From SWGEMU forums: Well something got messed up pretty bad. Unfortunately bunch of vendors, shuttleports and starports went poof. While we are investigating the issue, we are making backups and trying to find the underlying cause. At the moment the worst case scenario would be a rollback. If that happens, and we are hoping it wont have to come to that, all characters created in the…

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SWTOR vs. SWG: Place Your Vote Now

Gemtrix has brought us an interesting survey that they say they will leave up indefinitely to serve as a guideline for what people think about Star Wars: An Empire Divided vs. Star Wars: The Old Republic. This 73-question survey asks you to give answers to questions about each game. All questions are optional but the more you answer, the more data we all have about the games. Here is what Gemtrix has to say about how this will work: We are going to leave this survey up indefinitely, so as time goes on, we hope it will serve as a set of data points that bloggers can use when talking about these two games. The results will be posted weekly, so check back next week for the first set of results.

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