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The 3.3 Drinking Game Celebration!

Hey, what fun would a new patch be if we didn’t turn it into a drinking game (adults only)? Here we have a lovely little way to enjoy 3.3 and celebrate with inebriated style! Every new patch, especially an update that brings new classes or other physical features to the game, is going to also bring the hordes of wanting to try the new class, the new zone, etc. Every MMORPGer knows this (and often dreads it on update day). So why not turn it into a little fun or have a few laughs from it? In all seriousness, if you drink, please drink responsibly. 

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SWTOR Introduces Mega, micro and stationary mount

Boy, do we have some great news for everyone today! Kai Zykken has a surprise for everyone and he is quite excited about it. Everyone knows that he is the connoisseur of the galaxy but he has expanded his repertoire even more! Introducing, for Kai’s Auto-vehicle Intergalactic, where you can find the perfect vehicle in the entire galaxy! If you have ever been riding around in space and wished that someone would make a vehicle that takes up even more space so that you can look really important, wish no more! The answer to your problem is Mega Mounts. You can now be the proud owner of your own Sandcrawler. Maybe you’re thinking that Mega Mounts are just too much and you want something sleeker, Kai has your back. Micro Mounts allow you to have a vehicle that makes people wonder how you look like you are gliding on air….

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Sexy Skins for Male SWTOR Characters

Why is it the female characters get all the sexy gear in SWTOR but the males are all covered in their armor? Where is the male eye candy for us ladies (and some guys)? One SWTOR fan has an answer and he’s posted it in the fan art section of the SWTOR forums. Forum user Ixum brings us “The We Want Skimpy Gear For Male Characters” Thread and it’s a riot. If you have not seen it already, it’s well worth stopping by. Whether you want to see male SWTOR in sexy outfits or you just want to get some lolz, you’ll enjoy browsing through the thread that is now 63 pages long and growing. Whenever he hits a milestone in views, he also does a special edition picture. Check out the 6K views leopard bikini, for example. While the thread has been around for quite some time, it’s actually…

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