SWTOR Galactic Reputation

Game Update 1.7 Brings Galactic Reputation to Players

The official SWTOR blog has some interesting info about Game Update 1.7 today. There are going to be many new additions such as new legacy titles, reputation and more but the biggest news is the addition of Galactic Reputation to players. Check out this explanation from the SWTOR blog: Game Update 1.7 will introduce Galactic Reputation to all players. This is a new way for your character to advance in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. In a time of widespread conflict and political strife, disparate organizations throughout the galaxy seek allies in the struggle for peace… or conquest. Reputation measures how your character is perceived by these organizations it reflects the prestige you’ve earned through your heroic contributions to each cause. The Reputation track for each organization is divided into six ranks – Outsider, Newcomer, Friend, Hero, Champion, and Legend. You will start with no rank at all, but as you…

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