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Healer Survey from ForceHeal for 1.2

Game update 1.2 brought many changes to SWTOR. It also brought changes that would affect healers. Would these changes be a good thing or would they just make things worse? This is definitely the big question among healers. I’m a healer myself (mainly in PvP) and I know that I don’t think the way some healers do because we don’t all play the same way. For example, all the complaints over names and titles making it hard to heal in PvP- never a problem for me. I just use my UI raid/warzone windows for healing and never have problems. Anyway, you can never be sure just what a community is thinking or feeling unless you ask them and that is exactly what Force Heal decided to do. They put up a healer survey about SWTOR 1.2 to find out who is happy with healing in 1.2 and who thinks the…

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