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SWTOR Live Event – The Grand Acquisitions Race

SWTOR is launching its second live event tilted: “The Grand Acquisitions Race”. Be ready for the arrival of the Chevin. We’ve been waiting on another live event and now it’s here. The event has begun and you can start the quest chain now. And of course, there will be rewards for doing so! Who are the Chevin? [box] “Chevin are a bipedal pachydermoid sentient species native to the planet Vinsoth. They had a poor reputation in much of the galaxy, partly due to their involvement in unsavory activities such as smuggling, and partly because they had enslaved the Chevs, a humanoid species who shared Vinsoth with them.” Via SWTOR Wikia [/box] Players have been waiting for a new event for a long time now and while rumors will abound, the entire point of the world events is that we do not know they are coming until they’re here. Check out…

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