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BIG SWTOR News out of E3 Today!

If you were waiting for new updates from E3 on SWTOR, then the wait is over. There were some very exciting things just announced at E3. Here’s an overview: New Space Mission: Space Station Assault New Operation: Terror from Beyond New Companion: HK-51 New playable species: Cathar New Level cap and combat abilities New Warzone: Ancient Hypergates New planet to explore: Makeb Free to Play to Level 15 (that should get most players to their ship and main storyline of Act 1) New abilities for classes Here’s the trailer: Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ – Preview Exciting New Reveals from E3! Pretty exciting news. I wonder if this will entice some players back who have left the game or gotten bored with the content. And with free to play to level 15, I think a lot more people will try out the game to see if they feel it’s worth…

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