swtor soccer wars

Huttball = Soccer Wars? I See a Resemblance

Huttball is my favorite PvP Warzone in SWTOR. Despite what others might say, I really enjoy it. Is it annoying when you get in a group of pugs that don’t know what they’re doing? Sure it is! But I don’t care so much because I still enjoy the game. It’s also a great deal of fun when you tell new players how to win, they listen and you win! So anyway, I noticed something interesting when thinking about Huttball and how it has a big resemblance to another game I play (and coach) offline- soccer. This brought me back to an old post we did here on the site in the summer of 2010. It was from our column “The Guild” and we had a reader write in with a real good idea for a PvP zone in SWTOR (not yet released): This week I’ll be paying attention to some…

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