SWTOR Trooper Commando

SWTOR Trooper Commando Leveling Build For 2.0

Today we have another build from www.swtorsavior.com and this one is a leveling  build for the Trooper Commando. It is a DPS build and you can actually play as either DPS or healing as a Trooper but we are told that a healing build will follow shortly! Here is the build: SWTOR Trooper Commando Build: 3/3 Ironsights 2/2 Havoc Rounds 2/2 Steadied Aim 3/3 Special Munitions 2/2 Heavy Trooper 2/2 Charged Barrier 1/1 Grav Round 2/2 Deadly Cannon 1/1 Charged Barrel 2/2 Cell Charger 2/2 Tenacious Defence 1/1 Rotary Cannon 1/1 Gravity Surge 1/1 Advance The Line 3/3 Curtain Of Fire 2/2 Overclock 3/3 Charged Launcher 2/2 Reflexive Shields 1/1 Demolition Round 3/3 Field Training 2/2 Cell Capacitor 3/3 Target Lock 2/2 Weapon Calibrations If you play a different class and are after builds for all playstyles such as fast leveling, PVP, raids etc… then you should check out www.swtorsavior.com It is the top SWTOR guide…

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