SWTOR Trooper Vanguard Leveling Build

SWTOR Trooper Vanguard Leveling Build 2.0

In this post we have another build from Swtorsavior.com and this time we are focusing on the Trooper and the Vanguard advanced class that makes an excellent tank! A SWTOR Vanguard is one tough SOB.  His main purpose is to soak up damage and dish it back out.  The SWTOR Vanguard makes an awesome tank because he has a nice mix of single target and AOE attacks to help him keep aggro on multiple mobs. His primary stats are Aim for offense (threat) and Endurance for Defense (health pool), along with Defense Rating, Shield Rating and Absorption Rating.  These are super important because you will be taking the most direct hits of anyone in your party so you need the health pool to stay alive and you need the mitigating stats to reduce the number of hits you take and the amount of damage they do when you are hit.  So don’t just…

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