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SWTOR World Events are Happening: Rakghoul Plague

As if we hadn’t all had enough of the Rakghouls leveling up, a new secret event is here with game update 1.2- The Rakghoul plague, which BioWare invented for the original Knights of the Old Republic is somewhat like a zombie apocalypse in a Star Wars world. Becoming infected can happen with a simple scratch and it will turn you into a hungry, hulking monster of a being. Trust me, you don’t want to be a Rakghoul. The Rakghoul plague has been a part of the SWTOR for some time now but this world event (the first of many to come) puts a new twist on it. There is a event going on right now, with UGTAH – (Infected by Rakghoul virus) level 50 world boss wandering the Outlaws Den. Just north of the Republic outpost in the Dune Sea on Tatooine you will find a crashed ship that is…

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