tar Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront 2 – Funniest Moments of 2017

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Funniest Moments of 2017! Star Wars Battlefront 2 funny moments gaming video featuring gameplay fails, bloopers, glitches, and random moments from Star Wars Battlefront! What’s better than a blooper reel? Maybe a blooper reel from your favorite video game? If you play Battlefront 2, then you’re going to want to check out this hilarious video from Bombastic. Give it a watch and let us know your favorite funny moments. Check it out here: Are you laughing as hard as I am right now? Seriously, it’s well worth saving so you can give it a watch if you’ve had a bad day. It’s sure to boost your mood. I really hope they’re saving all those great clips to do it again this year. Now we all have something to look forward to for 2018!

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Star Wars Battlefront Will Be Playable At PAX Australia

The new and upcoming game of Star Wars: Battlefront is going to be released on November 19th in Australia. However, if you are wanting to play it a little earlier, around three weeks earlier, it will be available to play at the PAX Australia located in Melbourne on Friday October 30th. According to EA the Survival Mission that is set on Tattoine will be available for players to play as either single player or co-op. The demo will only be running on Sony’s booth, so you will most likely be playing the demo on a PlayStation 4 console.

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