tauntuan pet

Tauntaun Pets Are Here!

Why is everyone huddled around the mailbox (even more than usual) today in SWTOR? Well, the pets for the 1.2 Legacy promotion have now arrived. If you were eligible for the free 30 days play time, you should also be seeing that reflected on your account before midnight Central Standard time tonight. Today is, in fact, the 25th and many were expecting these free bonuses yesterday (as our emails stated) but BioWare actually pushed the date up by one day so today by 1 minute before midnight, everyone eligible should have them. Hold off until then before you start submitting help tickets or angry forum posts. David Bass came in with this message to try to clear up the confusion: Hi everyone, I apologize for the confusion surrounding this but the Legacy Promotion page is accurate. If your account met the Legacy Promotion requirements by April 22nd, you will receive…

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