The Black Talon

Flashpoint Guide: The Black Talon

Don’t forget to check out constantly growing list of guides for Star Wars: The old republic The Black Talon is the first Empire flashpoint you’ll encounter and it has the longest dialogue chain of any instance in the game. Since this is your first flashpoint, you’ll find it to be very easy but after your character reaches level 50, you can return and run this instance again in Hard Mode for a real challenge. For the first run, you’ll need to find a partner that you can work well with because it requires at least two people. Shortly after entering this flashpoint, you’ll have to make a decision of whether to allow the captain and the general of the ship live or to kill them. If you kill them, you’ll receive 200 Dark Alignment points and if you let the live, you’ll receive 200 Light Alignment points. Black Talon has a…

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