The clone wars

The Clone Wars and David Tennant Win an Emmy

The Clone Wars brought home an award at the Daytime Emmy’s and David Tennant gets recognized for his hard work as the voice of Huyang, the droid that mentors young Jedis in how to build their own lightsabers. We’re fans and have written about the series here in the past. We were very happy to see The Clone Wars recognized at a very wacky Daytime Emmy ceremony that also included Carrie Fisher and George Lucas and many, many gaffes you have to see and hear to believe. If you’re a Doctor Who fan then you’re probably very familiar with Tennant and I’m sure it’s no surprise at all to you that he got this recognition. So all in all, The Clone Wars took home two Emmys- Outstanding Special Class Animated Program, and Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program for David Tennant. The Emmy for Performer in an Animated Program goes to–…

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