The Force Unleashed

How Powerful Was Starkiller?

This Star Wars Explained video tells us all about Starkiller, a very powerful Force user. Some will call  him one of the most powerful Force user around, but others will disagree. So which is it? What powers does he have? When do we first encounter Starkiller and what do we know about him? Well, this video is going to give you the breakdown in under 8 minutes. Some of this you might already know while other parts might be completely new. The thing about a great Star Wars character is that they need to have depth. You need to care about the character. You need to be able to relate to their struggle. You will be able to feel compassion. The stronger a character is written, the stronger you will feel about them. Even the “bad guys” or villains in a story need a relatable personality and some of the…

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Art & Pictures

We love Star Wars art! Actually, we love all things Star Wars around here but when we stumble across something cool like this Star Wars: The Force Unleashed art and pictures, we have to share it with you. You will find this from Creative Uncut and if you love video game concept art, this is one site you’re going to want to bookmark. You can also visit them on Facebook to keep up with the latest new galleries. Raxus Prime Ruins Raxus Prime Jedi Temple Secret Apprentice Starkiller (Galen Marek) There are also images from: Raxus Prime Jedi Temple Council Rahm Kota Battle Shaak Ti Battle Shaak Ti Battle Concept Force Lightning Environment Concept Environment Flora Concept and so much more! Head on over and take a look and let us know which ones are your favorites. And if you are a fan of concept art, let us know some…

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