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Is Electronic Arts Up for Sale?

Electronic Arts Inc. (Nasdaq:EA) is “quietly exploring” opportunities for it to be sold to private equity firms, according to a report by the New York Post. According to these reports, EA is talking to two different potential companies about a sale. Both are private equity companies- KKR & Co. L.P (NYSE: KKR) and Providence Equity Partners, a major shareholder in ZeniMax Media, an EA competitor. So what does this mean for EA? Honestly, it’s too early to tell. One source said “it’s early days” for any deliberation but then another source said that EA has “made it known they’d do a deal at $20 a share.” Either way, we’re basing all of this on rumor and not on any solid facts at this time. EA’s stock has struggled a bit lately, dropping 37% in the past year. However, they are still a leader in the industry and some might say that drop is just a…

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Mass Effect 3 Controversy Could Be Good for the Game Industry

Mass Effect 3 was highly anticipated and it’s no surprise that some fans called in sick to work or school to stay home and enjoy playfests. It’s also no surprise that many would beat the game quickly. Luckily most fans are respectful enough to avoid spoilers (or at least without an alert first) but still, you have to be careful the story isn’t ruined for you with so many racing to the finish line. So imagine how I felt when I started to see the Tweets, FB messages, blog posts and other video game news complaining about the ending of ME3? I didn’t want to click on anything that talked about the ending. I didn’t want to see any spoilers. And yet… it was everywhere! In what would become one of the biggest video game controversies of all time, the fans were angry at the ending of ME3 (or at…

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