video game violence

John Riccitiello CEO of EA, Speaks Out About Video Game Violence

Do video games create sociopaths? Do shooter games make people kill people? Do violent games increase violence? These are questions that have been around nearly as long as the games themselves. This is a hot topic of political debate today and there are many who strongly believe that video games do contribute to shootings and other violence seen in the world today. BBC news tells us: The boss of Electronic Arts (EA) has denied there is any link between video game content and “actual violence””. Some politicians have very strong views about these video games and how they affect our culture: Republican congresswoman Diane Franklin subsequently proposed a sales tax on violent titles, saying the money should be used to “finance mental health programs and law enforcement measures to prevent mass shootings. Former Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader went further, accusing games publishers of being “electronic child molesters” and…

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