Screenshots of the new Giradda’s Rancor PvP Mount

Patchwork from Bastion server uploaded some pretty bad-ass screenshots of the new Giradda’s Rancor PvP Mount. The mount is one of the Season 1 PvP rewards, and only players at the very top of the pile who manage a rating of 1500 or higher will get this. The end of Season 1 will come with Game Update 2.7 The full list of PVP rewards are as following: (Based on your tier at the end of Season 1) Tier 5 – Rating 0001-1149 Unique Inaugural Tier 5 Title Tier 4 – Rating 1150-1224 Unique Inaugural Tier 4 Title A Mini-Pet Tier 3 – Rating 1225-1299 Unique Inaugural Tier 3 Title A Mini-Pet Ranked 1 Ranked Armor Set Tier 2 – Rating 1300-1499 Unique Inaugural Tier 2 Title A Mini-Pet Season 1 Ranked Armor Set Season 1 Ranked Weapon Set Tier 1 – Rating 1500+ Unique Inaugural Tier 5 Title A Mini-Pet…

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