Could XCOM 2 be a better game than Star Wars Battlefront? Some people definitely think so. In an opinion piece for htxt, one gamer says why he thinks it is. First, he gives us some background into XCOM 2. “XCOM 2 is the story of a group of rebels (XCOM) fighting against an oppressive regime (ADVENT). You get to control and lead a ragtag group of heroes using jerry-rigged weapons and technology to defeat the better armed and armoured bad guys. Oh, and there’s aliens.” And then he says what he thinks about Star Wars Battlefront: “Okay, hear me out. Star Wars: Battlefront is both a terrible Star Wars experience and a terrible videogame in general. Does it look like Star Wars? Hell yes, it’s eye-wateringly beautiful. And the sound assets? Absolutely superb. But it doesn’t feel like Star Wars. It wears the façade of the franchise like a slick doppelgänger. Imagine…

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