Five Things to Know about Ziost

A new planet is coming to SWTOR with update 3.2 and you might be surprised at how it was eerily predicted years ago. Those of us who have been following and writing about SWTOR since launch (or even before launch, as is the case with us here at SWTOR Strategies) know that the game has experienced quite the evolution. There are also some fun and interesting memories that have been made along the way. Larry Everett from Hyperspace Beacon knows about this very well and his recent post about Ziost is a good indicator of this. During pre-launch, we were all still learning about what planets would be in the game. Many fans had ideas and suggestions but not all of these would line up well with SWTOR’s time in history. Bespin was mentioned, as was Kashyyyk. Of the many popular planets, some just would not make sense to the time…

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