the Jace Hall show

More Space Combat footage in Jace Hall Show Episode 11

The Jace Hall Show Episode 11 has just lounched! (watch the movie below) This time it showcases  more of the Space Combat that the last episode teased us with . Two new pieces of information is revealed in this video: 1) You can make your ship do a barrel roll by pressing the space bar. 2) It  looks like space combat has a soft auto targeting feature. I guess this makes it  more user friendly but whether that’s good or bad you have to decide. I also like how Jace Hall showed a flash of Star Trek online box art when they were explaining what NOT to do in a MMORPG. Timestamps for the Bioware scenes in the below movie are as follows: 1:35-2:32 3:29-4:01 5:57-6:37

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